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This Blindfolded Routine Brought Jennifer Lopez To Tears On 'World Of Dance'

"You really touched our hearts."

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World of Dance is back for a second season and kicked things off last night with some truly mind-blowing routines. One such routine, done partially blindfolded, was so good and so powerful that it brought Jennifer Lopez to tears.


The dancers were Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice, two hip-hop fusion dancers from Los Angeles who met eight years ago at a competition and started performing as partners just last year. Their parents made them take an awkward photo back in the day and just look at them now, taking on World of Dance together.

"Dancing together really works well and we kind of complement each other," Rice said before their audition. "He's literally good at everything. Not even good. Like, he's basically like a dance genius."

"This could definitely be the beginning of something that's huge for us," Lew added. "We're portraying who we are as dancers to the whole world. I mean, it's making my hands sweaty already."

For their routine, set to Marshmello's "Silence," Ne-Yo had something to say upon seeing that they would be performing with blindfolds: "Ooh, this is gonna be really good or really bad." Luckily for these two, it was the former.

"You really touched our hearts," Lopez said, fighting back tears and voice cracking. "The idea of not being able to see in a relationship … being so close to somebody, but not really seeing them. Then taking that off and allowing them in ... it was very beautiful. It's like, 'see me!' And sometimes one person has to see the other part first and then the other person gets that trust, and it happens. And it's just ... it was so beautifully done."

Derek Hough agreed, calling their choreography "intelligent" and explaining that, to stand out on World of Dance, you have to stand out — which they're definitely doing.

In the end, Lew and Rice got an average score of 96 and will be moving onto the next round. Have we met the (unmarried) Keone and Mari Madrid of the season?

Watch Sean and Kaycee’s full routine here:

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