The Way You Move

16-Year-Old Wind Dancer Performs Incredibly Graceful Moves While Being Whipped Around In The Air

"This is the future of dancing."

During the 2016 Wind Games competition in Spain (yes, that's a thing), 16-year-old competitor Maja Kuczyńska blew everyone away with an amazing freestyle dance to Sia's "Chandelier." 

The dance was performed entirely in a wind tunnel. While being whipped around in the air, the Polish teenager still managed to pull off some incredibly graceful moves. 

According to Kuczyńska's Facebook page, she is sponsored by Flyspot and won the silver medal this year for Wind Games Freestyle. 

The gold went to Leo Volkov, whose routine footage was recently posted on Reddit with the caption, "This is the future of dancing." 

Time will tell if that's true, but in the meantime, check out Volkov's winning routine below. 


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