The Way You Move

That Awkward Moment When You See Your Ex On A Date Translates Beautifully Into Dance

Old relationship got you down? Get on the floor.

"You're out with your friends. Your ex walks in. Your heart skips a beat and then stops. You see her new man. In that moment every mistake, everything left unsaid, every moment of love washes over you. You want to front, but your heart is still broken. You still love her. And that's the hardest pill to swallow."

That's the story behind a clip that features choreographer Vinh Nguyen of Kinjaz fame, who made moves to the video's soundtrack — rapper Lil Dicky's "Molly" — as part of DanceOn/izo's Artist Request series, in which musicians and dancers team up to create new interpretations of the former's tunes.

Backed by Trevor Takemoto, Chase Lihilihi, Carlo Darang, and Jawn Ha, Nguyen embodies that awkward and painful experience with tight isolations and intense locking throughout the David Javier-directed video. Set inside a café-bar, no piece of furniture is off limits as he laments his loss and the heartache of knowing that his former love has moved on, as described poignantly by Lil Dicky's spoken-from-experience verses. It's their sadness, but our joy, as the showcase punctuates those feelings and kind of makes us want to learn the steps.

Check out the emotive display in the video below:

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