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These Dancers Got To Perform A Routine To Tinashe's 'Flame' Right In Front Of Her, And Didn't Disappoint

You'll want to savor every minute of this.

If you thought performing to a song in front of other dancers is intimidating, try performing it in front of the person singing it.

Up-and-coming R&B and pop singer Tinashe –– who has a duet with Britney Spears and even performed a Janet Jackson tribute at the BET Awards in 2015 ­­ –– made her way to the Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood to show that she has the moves to back up her vocal abilities.

Jojo Gomez, a choreographer who has worked with big names from Justin Bieber to Becky G, arranged the choreography to the song. Groups of performers followed Tinashe with their own take to the moves Gomez set up. Each dancer carefully crafted their moves to be a mix of slow and fast movements that kept their dancing peers wanting more.  


Check out all of the performances below:

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