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We Could Barely Keep Track Of All The Styles Seen In Swing Latino’s ‘World Of Dance’ Performance

Setting the stage on fire.

According to judge Derek Hough, Swing Latino is the epitome of World of Dance.

The Colombian dance troupe represented various Latin nations and dances while setting the stage on fire during Tuesday night's Division Finals, bringing judge and the show's producer, Jennifer Lopez, to tears.

In fact, in previous episodes, J.Lo professed that the 16 dancers — who are all a part of the Cali, Colombia-based, globally recognized Swing Latino School — have "the potential to win" the whole competition. In fact, they're no strangers to being champs as they won the Las Vegas Salsa Championship in both 2006 and 2007.


But the World of Dance stage is placing them in a worldwide spotlight that's brighter than anything they've ever experienced before.

During rehearsals, ahead of the team division finals face-off with the Kinjaz, Lopez advised the Colombian dancers to represent Latin culture as a whole. And that's exactly what they did, showcasing flags from various Latin countries in their routine. And the judges loved it! No doubt, you will, too.

Check out Swing Latino's high-energy Team Division Finals performance:

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