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These Powerful Women Show Off Their Dance Steps In A Hard-Hitting Video

Their documentary "Step" will be released later this summer.


This August, Amanda Lipitz's documentary Step will premiere in theaters, and Vogue's calling it "one of this summer's most important new documentaries."

The film stars Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger, and Tayla Solomon — members of a high school step team in Baltimore — who are all trying to become the first in their families to attend college, Variety reports. The film also profiles their lives apart from dance, the current unrest in their city, and the Bowie State step competition, among other things. 

"This film was made as a tribute to the bravery and conviction of the young women in the film and to the courage they demonstrated in their willingness to share their story," Lipitz says. "We hope that the heroes of Step will inspire girls everywhere to do what they have done, which is to prove that nothing is impossible when you surround yourself with a group of powerful women."

Now, in a video for Vogue, Giraldo, Grainger, and Solomon are back at it, showing off their moves while combining spoken word and hand claps. 

"Five, six, five six seven eight," Giraldo counts at the start of the video, looking directly into the camera. Then, the women take off into a powerful, hard-hitting routine while the camera cuts to different shots and angles about the Brooklyn studio. 

We can't wait to see more. Check it out in full above.

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