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Two Choreographers Teamed Up To Create This Short Dance Film, And Their Moves Are Completely Captivating

The fluidity between these two is pure magic.

Choreographers RubberLegz and James Gregg have put together a stunning masterpiece set to the song "Underwaterfall" by Bearcubs. The short choreography film, titled Fall, focuses purely on the beautiful, fluid movements of these two men. There are no fancy costumes or a decked-out stage. Instead, RubberLegz and Gregg are dressed simply in black and beige, and make their movements in an all-white studio with florescent lights and exposed pipe. Nothing distracts from their completely captivating performance. 


You can check it out below:

RubberLegz, whose real name is Rauf Yasit, is known for his break dancing abilities, having developed his own unique style. The Berlin-based dancer's nickname comes from his incredible ability to contort his body into positions that seem impossible (not to mention painful). 

His co-choreographer Gregg has become known for his contemporary dance skills. The Montreal-based choreographer has been featured in several music videos, films, and in TV specials. 

"His biggest interest is to create movement from the inside out and exploring different paths and routes through which the body can move. Discovering how these various avenues can evoke emotion and how those emotions translate throughout the body," his website says

That definitely came across in this short choreography film. We can't wait to see what these talented choreographers come up with next. Until then, we'll be here watching this again and again.

(H/T: Dance Spirit

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