The Way You Move

Prepare To Experience A Complex Set Of Emotions With This Dance's Troupe's Winning Performance

So many feels throughout this wonderful routine!

Every now and then, a dance performance comes along that we at A Plus just have to share with you, our readers. And yes, obviously we do that quite often with our dance and choreography section, The Way You Move.

But we were recently made aware of a talented troupe called RAW, who took top honors in the Upper category at World of Dance's September competition and exhibition in Seattle.

The team, donning all-white outfits, takes to the stage and delivers intricate moves of both the hip-hop and contemporary dance variety. With a soundtrack that spans a number of tunes, genres, and emotions, watchers can't help but feel they're being taken on an intense emotional journey that culminates in uproarious applause — both on and off the screen.

We can't wait to learn more about RAW and see what else they can do when they take the stage, but for now, we'll share with you this clip of them performing and winning the WOD contest.


Check out the amazing performance below:


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