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Even John Legend Had To Chime In On This Dancer’s Slick Wedding Proposal


In what could have just been another epic choreography video, one dancer took things to the next level with a simple yet life-changing question: "Will you marry me?" Phil Wright pulled off a surprise proposal to girlfriend Ashley Liai during a dance set to John Legend's "You & I," and it was just magical.

The clip, which runs for more than six minutes, features various duos showing off their moves to Legend's "You & I (Nobody in the World)" from the singer's 2013 album Love in the Future. In fact, there are three sets of dancers who perform before Wright and Liai are front and center around the 3:10 mark.

The two are clearly the centerpieces of the routine and seem super connected throughout the dance. The love between Wright and Liai is palpable as they perform the sultry moves to the emotional tune and, at the 4:02 mark, it's clear that there's something else at play here. Wright smoothly takes the ring out of his back pocket and, upon realizing what is happening, Liai is instantly shocked.

The entire group of dancers in attendance seem to be equally as in awe by the moment and gather around the couple. Wright formally pops the question, Liai says yes, and they embrace for what seems like an eternity as Legend's romantic ballad plays on in the background.

Much love to the couple as they embark on a lifelong dance together, and kudos once again to Legend — who called it "beautiful!" on Twitter — for inspiring love with music.

Watch the full performance and Wright's big proposal here:

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