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Watch These Dancers Take On A Routine To Jennifer Lopez's New Song 'El Anillo'

This is awesome.

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This week, Jennifer Lopez went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and showed off her fast dance moves as well as a clip from her music video to "El Anillo." The visuals clearly showcase Lopez's talent, and, of course, make us all want to get up and dance.

So naturally, choreographer Nika Kljun created a routine for her dance class to go along with Lopez's "El Anillo." The performance, uploaded to YouTube, features dancers such as Nat Bat, Pauline Mata, Cameron Lee, Willie Gomez, Ektor Silva, Henry Elix, and Tyra Polke, to name a few.

"This song makes me feel some type of way!!" Kljun writes on YouTube. "My jam right here. Dancing with some of the bests in our industry. This class was fire but still super educating and focused on the dancers to improve their skills and body movement. Thank you for another one, dancers!"

We love that videos like Kljun's showcase both individual dancers and their talent as well as a creative dance space where dancers can come together to encourage and empower one another.

Kljun's other work includes routines to Grease's "You're the One That I Want," SR's "I Don't See Em,"  Meghan Trainor's "Me Too," and Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty," among others. 

As for her latest routine, viewers have been leaving a ton of positive comments on YouTube:

"This [choreography] ...I love this so much! Everyone absolutely killed it too from beginning to end. Nat is amazing! Those kids have more talent in their finger than I do in my entire body. Wow. I'm amazed," one person writes. 

You can check it all out in the video below:

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