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This Mesmerizing Dance Routine Has Us Moving 'From Dusk Till Dawn'

They'll knock you off your feet.

Give choreographer Nia Mor a dimly lit room, two expressive dancers, and you've got a special dance routine coming your way.

Mor recently put together choreography for Zayn's "From Dusk Till Dawn" — a track that features pop singer Sia — for DanceOn, an organization focused on bringing dance-related content to younger generations. Mor was also quick to share her work with the world on a newly formed Instagram account.


The moves in this choreographed version of "From Dusk Till Dawn" center around a woman and man — specifically Petra Hajduk and Jac Coxall — in a bedroom. While the song is a guiding force for their take on lust, each of their ballet-inspired moves across the room tells a completely different story. The routine starts off slow and hypnotic, but they're quickly balanced out by energetic bursts of passion as the two work together to keep viewers enthralled.

Watch these dancers in motion below:

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