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‘Freedom’ Gets Personified In A Passionate Dance, and Its Message Of Love And Acceptance

“Through that awakening and through conversation ... unity will become a reality.”

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It's apt YouTube star Michael Korte calls his latest music video a "Movement Visual" — the video truly is moving. 

The three-minute clip — set to "Freedom," the first single from Empire star Jussie Smollett's forthcoming debut album — features dancer Anthony Burrell performing an emotional routine in an empty church as Smollett sings about self-love amid judgment from the outside world.


He told the Huffington Post he wanted to send "a message of equality and freedom to love whomever we so choose," to "encourage community and promote conversation" and to "provide escape" from our nation's political schisms. 

"Art awakens and art demands response," he added. "It is through that awakening and through conversation that unity will become a reality."

Korte also called Smollett "an incredible inspiration."

Check out the video below and then learn more:

"We have very few gay artists ― especially gay artists of color ― to turn to, to respect and to idolize," he told HuffPost. "To have Jussie be who he is, singing about the freedom in loving whomever we so choose ... proved to be more than enough inspiration for myself and my team to want to showcase the song."

For his part, the 34-year-old actor has released his own "Freedom" music video, one that also promotes acceptance. In his video, actresses Tika Sumpter and Cynthia Erivo portray a same-sex couple. "This video is about love," Smollett said in a statement. "I wanted to show two people doing the everyday things that every single couple does. I see nothing but beauty through the eyes of these characters we've created. I hope everyone else does as well. Love is freedom. Freedom is love."

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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