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We Can't Get Enough Of This High-Energy Choreography To 'Tip Toe'

Matt Steffanina is at it again.

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We've seen Matt Steffanina choreograph some pretty killer dance routines: one to Drake and Rihanna's "Too Good," another to Bruno Mars and Cardi B's "Finesse," and beyond. 

Now, Steffanina is taking on Jason Derulo and French Montana's "Tip Toe," choreographing moves for dancers in his class.

As mentioned in his prior YouTube video, Steffanina notes in the caption:

"This might be a little challenging if you're a brand new beginner, but I promise if you spend 30 minutes a day for a week practicing with the tutorial, anybody can learn this dance! As you keep doing the tutorials you'll notice you get faster each time until you can remember the routine after watching it just once." 

He adds that to really get better at dancing, we should set a goal to continue training every day. "And let's see how far we can go together this year!"

With that, groups of all ages showcase their skills alongside Steffanina himself and each other. The upbeat song and positive energy from observers make this one routine we'd like to watch (and try!) over and over again.

Check it out below:


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