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Choreographer’s Routine To Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’ Isn’t Easy But He’s Sure You’ll Master It

"Let's see how far we can go together this year!"

The Way You Move celebrates dancing and choreography videos that showcase fancy footwork in genres as diverse as ballet, hip-hop, tap, ballroom, and more. Learn a new routine the first Thursday of each month, and throughout the calendar when you get the urge to move.

Earlier this month, Bruno Mars and Cardi B released a remix of Mars' song "Finesse" off his 24K Magic album. The remix was paired with a '90s-inspired, throwback music video dedicated to one of Mars' "favorite TV shows of all time," In Living Color

Like many of Mars' songs, the sultry, hip-hop vibes lend themselves perfectly to dance, and now choreographer Matt Steffanina is teaching us a dance we can all learn through a video on YouTube. 


"This might be a little challenging for a true beginner, but I promise if you spend 30 minutes a day for a week practicing with the tutorial, anybody can learn this dance!" Steffanina captions on YouTube. The performance features various dancers of all ages all grooving to "Finesse," led by Steffanina's killer moves. 

We love that Steffanina's videos aim to teach the public how to dance. He continues:

"As you keep doing the tutorials you'll notice you get faster each time until you can remember the routine after watching it just once ... I'm dedicating more time than ever to training, choreographing and making tutorials for you guys this year. If you truly want to get better, set a goal now to train with me every day (pick an amount of time that you can really commit to per week) and let's see how far we can go together this year!"

Altogether, Steffanina's video is an energetic performance celebrating one of our favorite new tracks. Check it out below:


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