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These Happy Bhangra Dancers Went Viral For All The Right Reasons

"It's hard to watch you guys and not smile."


A group of Bhangra dancers from Canada has become a breath of fresh air for the internet.

Members of the Maritime Bhangra Group met as students three years ago, and continue to get together and perform to stay connected and do some good. They often perform to help organizations fundraise and to break down stereotypes Sikh men often face. 

"Making short videos and putting them online was just a small part of the plan," co-founder and manager Hasmeet Singh Chandok tells A Plus.

It ended up being a huge part of their success.

Since their first video that was recorded at Peggys Cove in Nova Scotia, they've gotten requests to perform all over the world and they've made a lot of people happy.

"We try to contribute our culture as an addition to the amalgamation of cultures we have in this fabulous country — Canada," Chandok says. "Spreading happiness is the other focus we had, as we were always told by the people watching us live that 'It's hard to watch you guys and not smile.' "

The response to their first video was so positive, they decided to make a second video to keep people smiling. Chandok says one of the reasons he thinks the group has gone viral is because of the "amount of hatred we have right now in the world. We need more of anything which could help us forget all the hatred and help us relate to happiness in any way even for a bunch of seconds."

Watch the video above to see more of their viral hits.


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