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Groups Of Dancers — And One T. Rex — Perform Choreography To Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do'

We can't look away.

By now, you may be one of the 95 million people who's watched Taylor Swift's new music video, "Look What You Made Me Do." It's a song that's already breaking records: its lyric video became the most-watched lyric video in its first day, and on Spotify, it garnered nearly 8 million plays on its first day, another record-breaking statistic, Variety reports

Now whether you're a Swift fan or not, we're sure you can appreciate all those who are taking her new track and reinterpreting it in their own ways, whether it be through music, dance, art, or beyond. 


Recently, choreographer Kyle Hanagami led groups of dancers through a hard-hitting routine to Swift's new track, and they performed it in a now-viral video on YouTube. Dancers include Haley Fitzgerald, Monica Douglas, Emma Hauser, Rex Kline, Rae Srivastavam, and Adam Vesperman, among others. And just like past choreographed performances of this nature, each dancer and group put their own personalities into their work, and it's likely to make you want to get up and move.

And in this video, the final dancer, Hugh Aparente, performs alongside another dressed in a Tyrannosaurs rex costume, because why not?

"The dinosaur is just for my amusement," Hanagami captions on the video. But we're pretty sure it's for ours, too. 

This isn't the first time we've been blown away by Hanagami's work. In the past, he's choreographed hip-hop dancing routines for songs including Ariana Grande's "Side to Side," Camila Cabello's "Crying in the Club," and Bruno Mars' "24K Magic."

Check it out in full below:

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