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You Won’t Be Asking ‘Why’ These Dancers Were Chosen To Groove To This Disney Star’s Song

See how their fierce moves lead to a cool surprise.

You may know Sabrina Carpenter from her role as Maya Hart on Girl Meets World, but now this girl has met music and is quickly making a name for herself within that industry.

So it's no surprise that choreographer Kyle Hanagami chose her latest track "Why" to put his dancers to the test with some hip-hop dancing.

After leaving their hearts on the studio dance floor, Hanagami chose a select few for a big surprise. Without asking questions, the dancers jumped into an SUV and were escorted across town.

Maybe it was to go see a show or partake in another more intense class? Nope. It was to meet Carpenter and also dance with her after she herself learned the complex choreography.

It didn't take long for her to perfect the moves and the dancers added something extra special to her delivery.

All in all, it was a great surprise for the dancers to be able to show off their skills in front of a professional and to have the support of their talented choreographer.   

Check out the fierce moves that landed them a chance to dance with Sabrina:

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