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Adorable Child Dances Better Than We Ever Will

Aaaaaand we've melted.

There's nothing to tear down your confidence like watching a little kid dance better than you ever dreamed.

We're OK with that though, because this little girl dancing Colombian salsa choke has completely won us over with her amazing moves and little purple shoes.

Salsa choke (CHO-keh, as in bump) has emerged in Cali, Colombia over the last couple years, and you should probably add learning it to your to-do list. If you watch the footwork, you can see how the dance has evolved from salsa, but has a pretty clear hip hop influence.

The group is wearing Colombian soccer jerseys, which is appropriate since the national team popularized the dance outside the country when they performed it during the World Cup last year. We agree that this is probably the best victory dance ever, and plan to use it for even our smallest celebrations, like when baristas spell our names right or when we wake up and realize we have a couple more hours to sleep.

Watch this little girl and her squad dance to Cali Flow Latino's appropriately named track "Swagga."


(H/T: Remezcla)

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