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Forget The Nae Nae, There Is A New Dance Movement Taking Over

Hit the quan!

Not long ago, the Nae Nae took over the dance and music world across the country.

We saw everyone from the elderly to police officers to NFL stars getting schooled on how to execute one of the catchiest dances we've ever seen. 

Now, a new song is taking off across America. 


It's called "Hit The Quan," and it was made by the previously unknown iHeart Memphis

The track has quickly accumulated millions of views online, climbed to No. 7 on the Hip Hop iTunes charts, and No. 43 overall. Now dance choreographers like Matt Steffanina are taking notice. Thanks to Steffanina, you might be able to get a basic understanding of how the dance works. 

First, you gotta get your arms into it.

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Then, naturally, the hips.

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There is also this whole "get down low and hit the quan" part, but you can figure that out.

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Here is one of the most popular renditions of the dance:

And another one being featured by DanceOn:


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