The Way You Move

Watch These Dancers Combine Hip-Hop And Ballet Into One Awesome Style

"Because we can!"

Dressed in leotards and armed with hard-hitting hip-hop moves, dancers from the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center perform "Hiplet," a fresh style of dance created by Homer Hans Bryant, while taking the Internet by storm.

"In order to stay relevant with young people, you have to do what they're doing now," Bryant tells Michael Strahan in an appearance on Good Morning America. "We're training classical ballet, but I put my 'hiplet' on pointe."

That said, Bryant combines ballet and hip-hop choreography, setting routines to songs by artists such as Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor. 


"Trained in tradition and dipped in versatility — because we can!" Bryant captions on one of his Instagram videos.

Moreover, Bryant reiterates that the dancers must train in classical ballet in conjunction with learning the "hiplet" style. 

"I love 'hiplet' because I love the movements that we do. And I love how freestyle and fun it is," one 13-year-old student says

Since sharing the new technique on Instagram, Bryant's videos have gone viral, collecting anywhere from 12,000 to more than 20,000 views apiece.

Check out the full Good Morning America appearance in the video below:


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