The Way You Move

Watch This All-Male Dance Squad Perform A Gender-Bending Routine

We can't take our eyes off them.

Dance has always been one of the primary communication and self-expression tools known to humans. But who's to say that some dance moves can only be performed by men, while others are strictly female?

We've seen guys strut in high heels like there's no tomorrow and we've seen girls bust moves so thug, no guy on the block could top them.

This all-male dance squad is here to set the argument straight once and for all.

Lead by choreographer Claude Cormier M'y, the squad performs a routine that perfectly mashes together masculine and feminine dance moves, and leaves no more room for speculation — dance is a universal language that transcends any culturally imposed borders.


Check out their performance in all of its power below:

(H/T: Queerty)


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