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The Grown-Up May Have The Moves Down But It's These Kids Who Slay The Choreography

Just wow.

It's been said that kids say the darndest things — but it seems like they have the darndest moves, too. In a dance video from Kinjaz Dojo, we see choreographer Galen Hooks show how it's done but, after wowing us, two kids take over and completely slay the dance floor with their ferocity.


Set to Bishop Briggs' "River," the trio perform hard-hitting moves that perfectly coincide with the beats of the song. Hooks is the first up to deliver the choreography, taking up the first half of the video. The second half, though, we see a young boy and even younger girl steal the spotlight.

Hooks — who choreographed this routine back in January — is an L.A.-based entertainer and self-described "beacon of strength, power, sensuality, and class for women" who "is synonymous with risk-taking as an artist." Briggs — whose real name is Sarah Grace McLaughlin — is an L.A.-based British musician best known for the 2016 song "River." 

For this routine, we don't see any over-the-top stunts from the choreographer or the kids. Instead, it's more about matching movements to the stylish and sharp moments of Briggs' song. While the children in the video don't rise to the challenge as well as Hooks — after all, they aren't as experienced — they do show a ton of maturity in their segment of the performance.

Check out Hooks’ choreography to “River” here and see these kids in action:

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