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Get In The ‘Know’ With These Dancers’ Slick Routine To A Fiery Dance Floor Hit

You won't want to take your eyes off the screen.

Dancers at the Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood put everything they know into Jax Jones' "You Don't Know Me."

The song, produced by Jones and sung by artist RAYE, was the subject of Eden Shabtai's recent dance lesson for the dancers. Shabtai is no stranger to the world of choreography –– she's worked with major artists ranging from Enrique Iglesias to Ariana Grande.

The Millennium Dance Complex's crew performed in groups of three and more as they brought their own rhythmic flavor to the routine. Shabtai's techniques all started with leg movements that would eventually work their way up to the upper parts of the body. These gliding movements were so open to interpretation that one dancer drew inspiration from ballet and as she briefly twirled on the dance floor. 


Watch the dancers in action below:

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