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Choreographer Dances To Tove Lo's 'True Disaster,' And Runs Through 'A Forest Of Emotions'

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Set in the middle of the woods, choreographer and dancer Rebecca Murray performs a stunning routine to Tove Lo's "True Disaster," a track from her second album, Lady Wood.

"According to a statement from the singer, the record is divided into two sections, 'Fairy Dust' and 'Fire Fade,' that are designed to mimic 'the emotional curves I go through when I'm chasing any kind of rush,' " Rolling Stone reports. "'True Disaster' is part of the first half, which captures the moment 'when the adrenaline starts to kick in. It gives you butterflies.' "

In her dance performance, uploaded to DanceOn's YouTube channel, Murray moves in between red strings tied to trees, representing the "heartstrings" Tove Lo refers to in her lyrics. Finally, she breaks through the strings, leaving their boundaries and running off into the forest.

DanceOn shared the video on Instagram with a quote from Murray herself: 

"It's easy to become trapped in a relationship but the hardest thing is to escape," she says. "This video runs through a forest of emotions and is expressed in an artistic way. The rope represents the ex-lover playing with her 'heartstrings'."⠀

You can catch the full performance in the video below:

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