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People Of All Ages Perform Choreography While Wearing Pink For Cancer Awareness

"We can conquor the world / If you dare."

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Every year, we recognize October as our National Breast Cancer Awareness month — but it shouldn't stop there. 

In a recent video from a DanceOn class — a course that "combines hit music with the DanceOn Network's incomparable talent to help you learn the latest dance trends and hear the music that makes the dance community move and groove" — Donyelle Jones choreographs a high-energy performance to Jazmine Sullivan's "If You Dare." 

At the same time, that dancers of all ages are dressed in pink and wearing pink ribbons, a color and symbol associated with Breast Cancer Awareness, "because every month is cancer awareness month," DanceOn explains on YouTube. 

And Jazmine Sullivan's "If You Dare" is the perfect song to help lift those who need it. Its lyrics include lines such as "Let's go crazy, don't be scared / Cause we can conquer the world, we can conquer the world / If you dare," and "You could be living it right / You should be living it high." 

"These dancers are the bomb," one viewer comments on the video. "I watched this video over 20 times and will continue."

You can check it out in the full video below:


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