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This Dance Routine Will Have You 'Fallin'' For Alicia Keys All Over Again

Talk about a throwback.

If you forgot all about Alicia Keys' 2001 hit "Fallin,'" prepare to be reminded.

Choreographer Carlo Atienza, known for his YouTube dance videos featuring performers such as Taylor Hatala, put together a modern routine to "Fallin'" featuring himself, and dancers Reid Friedl, Nadia White, Toni Shenfield, Francis Aranton, and Andree Desrochers for DanceOn's YouTube channel.

Each of the six dancers wears gray and interpret the Keys' lyrics with authoritative moves that have them all over the ground of their makeshift dance floor outside. Unlike most dance videos, they're not playing to the camera. Instead, they're telling the story of 'Fallin'' in 2017. And they have only one shot to get it right between each of their own solos, duos, and ensemble performance with the entire team.

Watch these dancers keep on "Fallin'" below:

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