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All University Mascots Should Take Note Of — And Dance Lessons From — BYU's Cosmo The Cougar

Prepare to be shooketh.

When people show up to college football games, the last thing they would expect is to be surprised by the mascot wowing them with their incredible dance moves. Folks who showed up to a recent Brigham Young University game, though, were treated to exactly that when Cosmo the Cougar stepped onto the field.


When the song "Rollie With a Dab of Ranch" by Ayo & Teo began, the Cougarettes dance team rushed out onto the field at LaVell Edwards Stadium with Cosmo quickly joining them. notes that this video was taken at BYU's matchup against Boise State on October 6. Cosmo — fur head and all — matches the Cougarettes move for move, not missing a beat at all during the minute-long clip that is now going viral.

On Instagram, the Cougarettes are helping Cosmo try to catch the attention of talk show host and fellow dance icon Ellen DeGeneres. They also debunk some conspiracy theories we're sure people are having about the video, confirming that Cosmo is not one of the dancers and that "he" (confirming the gender of the person inside) is the school's actual mascot.

The Washington Post points out, BYU lost to Boise State by a score of 24 to 7, but at least they — well, Cosmo at least — made an impression. Some even deeper analysis from Yahoo! points out that BYU is having its worst football season start, standing at one win and five losses to date, since 1973. But, with a mascot like Cosmo, who really cares?

Check out Cosmo's epic moves, straight from the Instagram of the Cougar himself:

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