The Way You Move

We Fell Under The Spell Of This Routine Set To Bruno Mars' '24K Magic'

There's more than hat tricks in these moves.

Fall is off to a great start as far as music is concerned, especially thanks to the return of Bruno Mars. The singer-songwriter dropped his latest single, "24K Magic," a few weeks back and it's already climbing the charts. 

Though he did perform the new song on Saturday Night Live, dancer and choreographer Kyle Hanagami has the song burning up dance floors thanks to his slick steps.

In a clip uploaded to his YouTube account, Hanagami keeps dancers busy with an intricate collection of moves that includes quicksteps, glides, hip thrusts, and hand jives. But being busy is what makes the movements seem so fluid, as they transition from one to the next, jazzing up dancers and the audience alike as solo and group performers execute the moves. 

It's a unique style that's as entertaining as it is athletic, and one Hanagami will proudly defend. He's also quick to make the space he creates for dance one where everyone is welcome.

"You don't have to hate on people who do things differently than you," he says in a Twitter post, making it clear that individuality should be appreciated and respected. "If I catch any of my friends, fans or followers putting down other choreographers, you will be blocked. #stopcyberbullying."

Since the "haters" have been addressed, let's get back to the lovers, because he's got a few moves you can borrow for the club this weekend, including:


Gliding across the floor!

Showing some swag!

Completing that combo!

Check out the full clip below. And while the moves are clean, the language isn't, so keep your headphones plugged in.


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