The Way You Move

Take Notice, Bruno Mars, Because These Boys Stole Your Swag With This Dance Routine

They learn at such a young age.

Aidan Prince, Myles Perez, and Justin Perez aren't your ordinary schoolboys. This trio has moves to rival the charm and swagger of Bruno Mars.

The young dancers recently posted a video on YouTube featuring choreography by Myles set to the pop star's song "Perm." With two of them dressed as poindexters and the other simply showing how he gets down, the boys put on quite a performance.

They not only shine together, but their solos show they can hold it down on their own if they had to. Still, at least for them, it's so much more fun with friends.

The boys are on their way to becoming sensations. The Los Angeles-based trio is a part of the hip-hop dance group p/mob — which was formed by the Perez brothers and has 24,000 YouTube subscribers — often features their friend Aidan aka Bah Boy, who has 157,000 subscribers of his own. 

As described on p/mob's YouTube channel, "Dancing is the passion that fuels p/mob and we will be posting videos with new and exciting choreography."


Watch the trio throw down in the clip below:


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