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7 Super Bowl-Themed TV Episodes That Will Keep You Laughing Until The Big Game

Millions watch the Super Bowl every year — even TV characters.

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Football is practically an American religion, and millions of people devoutly watch the Super Bowl every year — even TV characters. Many of our beloved sitcoms — both live-action and animated — have tackled the big game over the past 25 years. 

Below, find some of our favorite Super Bowl-themed episodes — all of which are streamable online and many of which we're betting will bowl you over.

1. “Monday Night Football” (from "How I Met Your Mother" season 2, episode 14)

When the HIMYM gang have to attend a funeral on Super Bowl Sunday, they pray to the TiVo gods and vow to remain spoiler-free until they can all watch the game together, as is their tradition. That's easier said than done, however — Barney even handcuffs himself to a radiator so he won't check the score. 

Watch "Monday Night Football" on Hulu.

2. “Super Bowl Funday” (from "Full House" season 8, episode 14)

Joey forgot that he volunteered to take Michelle's science club to the museum on Super Bowl Sunday, so he takes them to a bar instead. But when the TV at the bar breaks, he brings the kids and all the bar patrons to the house instead and interrupts DJ's college interview. Luckily for him, her interviewer happens to be a football fan. 

Watch "Super Bowl Funday" on Hulu.

3. “Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mmercial” (from "Bob’s Burgers" season 4, episode 11)

Bob enlists football star Sandy Frye to shoot a Super Bowl commercial for his burger joint, and he's so enraptured with the athlete that he ends up editing out his family, much to their irritation. He gets his comeuppance, though, as Sandy also agrees to star in commercials for Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria and Tran's Noodles. 

Watch "Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mmercial" on Hulu.

4. “Super Bowl Fever” (from "Home Improvement" season 4, episode 15)

"Everybody knows Super Bowl Sunday is the holiest day of the year," Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor declares in this episode. Unfortunately, Jill comes down with the flu before his big Super Bowl party, and even more unfortunately, he does the bare minimum to tend to his sick wife. 

Watch "Super Bowl Fever" on Hulu.

5. “The Label Maker” (from "Seinfeld" season 6, episode 12)

Jerry gifts his two Super Bowl tickets to dentist (and accused regifter) Dr. Tim Whatley, who gifts one of the tickets to Newman. Tim then de-gifts that ticket from Newman and gives it to Elaine when he suspects his generosity will seduce her, and then de-gifts it from Elaine and gives it to Jerry when he realizes it won't. 

Watch "The Label Maker" on Hulu.

6. “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday” (from "The Simpsons" season 10, episode 12)

After a chance meeting with a travel agent, Homer gets Super Bowl tickets for himself and his friends. But the tickets are counterfeit, and when the group then tries to sneak into the game, they're busted and put in detention. Fortuitously, the group includes Dolly Parton, who dissolves the lock on the door with her extra-strength makeup remover. 

Watch "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" on SlingTV.

7. “Death Has a Shadow” (from "Family Guy" season 1, episode 1)

And speaking of stunts that land the main characters in prison, after Peter gets a $150,000 welfare check in error, he decides to return the money to the taxpayers by dumping it from a blimp over Super Bowl XXIII in this very first episode of Family Guy

Watch "Death Has a Shadow" on Hulu.

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