National Adoption Month

This Dad's Tear-Jerking Open Letter To His Adopted Son Is A Must-Read

"The first time I hugged you I knew that I was the one being rescued."

November is National Adoption Month. In honor of the month, we will be bringing attention to the thousands of people in foster care awaiting forever homes, as well as those who provide and advocate for them. These stories emphasize the idea that families are bound together by the love they share, rather than their biological roots.  

Grab the tissues because you're going to need them after reading this incredible letter a new father wrote to his adopted son. 

Deberth Araújo and his partner Guilherme Gatto adopted their son William from an orphanage. Araújo and Gatto live in the city of Nata, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, and wanted a son for a long time, according to MirrorBefore he was adopted, William had suffered from many health issues in his young life and was hospitalized at least 11 times. 

Last month, Araújo decided to write a letter to the new member of his family and share it on Facebook. He did so to show his son the value in doing something vulnerable and courageous. The letter, addressed directly to William, explained how fatherhood changed Araújo. He shared that he feels William chose him and Gatto, not the other way around. 


According to a Portuguese to English translation by Mirror, Araújo wrote on Facebook, "In the same moment I realized that you lived between orphanage and hospitals, alone, without family, so small, already with 11 hospitalizations for pneumonia and allergies, I felt a mix of vocation and fear. On one hand, something told me I should be your hero and save you. On the other hand, I felt the fear of being in front of the most important responsibility in my life." 

"But the first time I hugged you, I knew that I was the one being rescued. We were the ones to be chosen. It is impossible to explain."

"It was three months of getting the provisional custody, nights of sleeping bad and less, worries, medicines. But your recovery and the end of the hospital process showed us that love cures and today we are celebrating the right custody." 

"You have been our best decision," he continued. "But you are the one who chooses us every night, when you only sleep or grab our hand or when you wake us up so that we sing to you. And we have to protect you, because one day, life will open, wild, and you will see a world that is not a beautiful place as it should be. Do you know, Will? You have arrived the same year I lost my father, my grandfather and I can imagine how much they would have liked to pamper you." 

"Now I understand that infinite love, that once upon a time they told me that I was able to do whatever I wanted, that I did not have to feel fear, they hugged me when I thought I was about to be rejected. Today I am writing this in a public way to make you learn the courageous act," Araújo wrote. "I forgot this for a time, but you have rescued me, you saved me in all senses and taught me what it is to be a father. Never forget that family, blood or whatever you choose, is the one to love you without conditions. We will always love you for what you are, and if the world is hurting you, our hug will always be a safe place where you will never feel alone. Build a world in which love counts and the character and the differences do not separate people. This is the value I want to pass you. I love you, my son." 

The moving letter has been shared by more 23,000 people on Facebook and has more than 97,000 likes. The comments are filled with people congratulating the family and thanking Araújo for sharing his beautiful words. Some were even moved to tears.

"I think that's exactly the definition of what true love is!! Congratulations," one person commented, according to Facebook's translation. 

"I'm still crying with emotion," another wrote

"Congratulations," another commenter wrote. "We do not know each other, we are not friends, not even on Facebook, but I thank God that your story has come to me." 

Araújo's touching words to his son are just another beautiful example of how families are bound by the love they share, not by their blood.

(H/T: Mirror

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