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'Glee' Alum Titus Makin Goes Dark With The Music Video For His Single 'Suicide'

Check out Titus Makin’s new music video.

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No matter who you are, it's a universally accepted truth that letting go of love is hard. In fact, the act's difficulty has been and continues to be the topic of many songs. Pop singer and actor Titus Makin is one of the latest to reckon with the aftermath of a breakup, and he approaches the subject earnestly with "Suicide," the third single and video from his upcoming EP Lean.

Makin's face shouldn't be new to you, as he's starred in many hit shows, including Glee, Pretty Little Liars, and NCIS. If that list of titles doesn't ring a bell, he can also currently be seen in Hulu's The Path playing the role of musician Caleb Matthews. His previous singles, "Ropes" and "Good Love," focus on the happier side of love, but as the title suggests, this song is much darker.


Though the title of the song might come off harsh, Makin isn't singing about the act nor does he mention being driven to it. Instead, he sings about a love that feels like its killing him slowly. "Your love is like suicide / It cuts so hard," he croons over a kinetic, tropical-feeling pop production. "We stood for everything, but I fell hard."

The singer turns to 17-year-old filmmaker Jake Williams for the song's video. The young director offers a color-saturated vision intended to visually communicate the effects of a toxic relationship. The dark, moody shades of blue, green, and gray juxtaposed with neon red provide a sense of urgency while setting a somber mood that captures the song's overall sentiment. Makin's performance, meanwhile, adds dramatic weight to the lyrics, painting a picture of a man on the edge of love. These elements, coupled with quick flashes between scenes and jittery camera work, give the viewer the impression that things are in a manic state for Makin, accomplishing the director's goal.

With its complex subject matter and modern sound, "Suicide" shows that Makin's upcoming Lean might be an EP worth checking out when it arrives.

Watch the music video below:

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