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The Weeknd Puts His Past Behind Him And Introduces Us To A New Persona In 'Starboy'

Part three.

The Weeknd has had a spectacular run thus far in his music career.


After gaining notoriety with Drake on songs like "Crew Love," The Weeknd has since established himself as a major force to be reckoned with. He released his debut album Kiss Land in 2013, and then his big breakthrough came with his second LP Beauty Behind The Madness.

The latter catapulted him into mainstream stardom and onto radio stations everywhere, but now Abel Tesfaye is putting that all behind him. In his new video for the single "Starboy," we find The Weeknd we know and love tied up to chair, while a mysterious character in a black beanie sits on the opposite side.

The mystery character then walks over and puts an end to "The Hills" singer. As he lies on the ground, the video transitions to focus on a diamond cross and a new version of the singer we haven't met yet. As he talks about what success has done for him in his life, he confidently walks down a hall of plaques until he comes across a pink neon cross.

As he gets his Michael Jackson dance moves on, he takes the pink cross and begins smashing all of the trophies in his home, along with the plaques he just passed. It's definitely a new a chapter for The Weeknd. 

The new cover art for the single was even done in the style like a late '80s to early '90s pulp-noir thriller movie poster. Who knows what's in store for our new star and if all this success is sitting well with him, but what better way to kick that off than starting from scratch with a synthy, Daft Punk beat?

Get acquainted with the new Weeknd in “Starboy” below:


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