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This 'Voice' Battle Was So Good, It Inspired Two Coaches To Go For The Steal

"This is the hardest decision I'll make."

This season's battle round on The Voice is leaving the coaches with some extremely difficult decisions. During Monday night's show, Miley Cyrus paired up team members Aaron Gibson and Sa'Rayah for a cover of the blues classic "I'll Take Care of You." The resulting performance left her with what she calls "the hardest decision I'll make in probably all of my battles."

Aaron and Sa'Rayah's talents meshed well together, leading Gold Derby to suggest, "Of all the battles, this one felt most like two established artists meeting on the Grammy stage to cover a song together." Much like last week's battle between Dave Moisan and Michael Sanchez, their performance is inspiring fans to praise the contestants' chemistry. "This def felt like another duet rather than battle...I'm liking this new approach," one YouTube commenter wrote.

Ultimately, Miley went with Aaron, saying he needs her as a coach more. But it definitely wasn't the end of the road for Sa'Rayah. Both Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys pushed their buttons to steal her, meaning Sa'Rayah had her own tough decision to make. She chose to join Alicia's team, but we're holding out hope that she'll sing with Aaron again in the future.


Watch the full performance below:


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