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Panic! At The Disco’s Dua Lipa Cover Is Even More Badass Because It Didn’t Change One Thing

We love this.

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When Panic! At The Disco appeared in BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, we certainly didn't expect the band to cover Dua Lipa's hit, "IDGAF" — but we're glad they did.

Led by vocalist Brendon Urie, the band performed a stripped-down version of Lipa's original, hitting all the high notes and impressing viewers. In fact, Lipa herself tweeted her love for the cover:

Viewers also pointed out that Urie didn't change any of the pronouns in the song, as some performers often do when performing other people's songs. In doing so, Urie, who's spoken about experimenting with his sexuality, maintains the song being directed toward a man. 

"[Speaking about sexual fluidity] doesn't freak me out," Urie told People magazine in 2017. "Why does it matter who I'm f—ing? I've gotten so many amazing letters and tweets from fans saying, 'I didn't have the courage to tell my parents, but I had you to fall back on.' I want to create a support system."

Whatever Urie's intentions for respecting the original lyrics may be, we do know that we love Panic! At The Disco's rendition of Lipa's track, and we think it's the perfect way to give this jam some more airtime. 

Check it out below:

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