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This Opera Singer Has Something Up Her Sleeve, And It's Not An Aria

Wait for it ...

If there's one thing all these Got Talent shows have shown us, it's that people from all walks of life have something amazing to offer. 

And this week on Spain's Got Talent, one particular performer caught our attention — opera singer Cristina Ramos. Her incredible ability to reach every note was impressive enough, but when her beautiful song took a sudden turn at the 1:20 mark, our jaws dropped. 


This opera singer isn't what she seems. Watch the video below to see for yourself:

Yup, she tears off her skirt revealing her badass pants underneath, and goes full-on rock 'n' roll mode, singing "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC. The audience is shocked by the sudden genre switch, and no one can contain their excitement as many rose to their feet to clap along to the beat. 

One of the judges even pressed the Golden Buzzer for Ramos, meaning she could go straight through to the live shows. 

Now that's talent. 


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