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This Cab Driver Went From Singing Opera For His Passengers To Impressing The 'America's Got Talent' Judges

Simon Cowell called him "one of the most likable contestants we've had on this show."

The America's Got Talent judges have seen opera singers on the show before — but none quite like Carlos De Antonis. The Miami cab driver was utterly charming, and he showed off impressive talent to boot.

Before he sang, De Antonis shared that he sings to his passengers while he drives. In fact, it was a passenger who suggested he try out for the show. It's a good thing he took their advice, because his audition was a total success. The singer performed the opera classic "Nessun Dorma," and earned a standing ovation from the auditorium. 

The reaction brought De Antonis to tears, and he mimed throwing his heart to the audience. "We're supposed to be throwing flowers at you," judge Heidi Klum told him.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell told him, "You are, as a person, even though we've just met, one of the most likable contestants we've had on this show."

According to 2Paragraphs, De Antonis had a promising career as a performer but ended up in the hospital for almost a year and a half after a severe car accident. It didn't stop him from singing. De Antonis will now move on to the next round, where he'll face off against a variety of talented acts, both musical and non-musical.


Watch the stunning full performance below:

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