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Lorde Puts A Unique Twist On The Classic Phil Collins Hit 'In The Air Tonight'

“Oh Lord[e]" is right!

In the midst of her Melodrama Tour, Lorde took a moment off from wowing huge audiences to unplug a little for the internet in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. In doing so, she gave us another version of "Green Light" to love and tackled a beloved classic: Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight."


"Green Light," which hit No. 1 in her home country of New Zealand, came out in March and has been interpreted many ways since. Lorde has remixed it herself while others, such as the group All Time Low, have put their own spin on it. We here at A Plus even think it is one of the major contenders for 2017's song of summer title, though "Despacito" had that battle won.

First up was Lorde’s very own “Green Light”:

Next up was "In the Air Tonight," which was the debut solo single by Collins off the Face Value album back in 1981. It hit No. 2 in Collins' home country of the U.K. and achieved the No. 19 spot on Billboard Hot 100 chart, and remains one of the songs Collins is best recognized for — if not the one. Part of its iconic status is thanks to a drum break that happens toward the end.

Lorde definitely puts a twist on the classic by giving it the eerie and moody feel she tends to inject into her performances — but we have to admit hearing Lorde say "Oh Lord" (with us hearing it as "Oh Lord[e]") over and over again.

Listen to her cover of the Phil Collins hit “In the Air Tonight" in the clip below:

The Kiwi singer's ability to take any song and make it her own is just one of the many reasons why we love her — but there's also the fact that she puts friendship first and foremost and is pretty amazing to her fans at every turn, too.

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