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Hear This Guy's Cover Of Beyoncé's 'Sandcastles' From Her Album 'Lemonade'

We think Beyoncé would approve.

Of course we're still not over Beyoncé's 2016 VMAs performance featuring a medley of songs from her latest album, Lemonade. 

So luckily for us, one of our favorite YouTubers just released a cover of "Sandcastles," a stunning song from the album, so that we can continue soaking in all the gorgeousness of it from his channel, too.

Sanchez takes to the microphone to sing out the emotional lyrics, hitting each note perfectly while composer Kazumi Shimokawa plays piano in the background.   

"The lyrics are so beautiful, so much control with your voice, wow," one person commented on the video

"Leroy, it doesn't matter what you sing, you could sing Sesame Street songs and still melt my heart," another adds

The feeling is mutual.


Be sure to listen to Sanchez's cover below:


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