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Hear Kelly Clarkson's Stunning Contribution To The Upcoming 'Hamilton Mixtape'

An emotional cover of "It's Quiet Uptown."

Hamilton fans had their day made on Thursday when show creator Lin-Manuel Miranda announced the track list for the upcoming Hamilton Mixtape, which will feature artists such as Alicia Keys, Usher, Sia, and John Legend singing numbers from the Tony-winning musical.

Just from glancing at the number of retweets on Miranda's announcement, it's safe to say a lot people of are looking forward to hearing how the album comes together.


While the full mixtape drops December 2, two tracks have already been released. First, a remix of the motivational anthem "My Shot" by The Roots, featuring Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz and Nate Ruess, which includes brand-new verses. (And here we were thinking nothing could compare to Miranda's SNL remix.)

The second track is Kelly Clarkson's cover of "It's Quiet Uptown," one of the most emotional songs in the entire show. It focuses on Alexander Hamilton and his wife Eliza's grief over losing their first son Philip, while at the same time working through the revelation of Hamilton's infidelity.

Of course, Kelly Clarkson is no stranger to powerful ballads. She also happens to be known for her amazing covers, so we don't have to tell you that her version of the song is absolutely stunning, and you'll likely shed at least one tear — whether you're familiar with the musical or not.

Clarkson sings each character's part, but the names have been removed, which further highlights just how universal the song's themes of loss and forgiveness are. "There are moments that the words don't reach," she sings. "There's a grace too powerful to name / We push away what we can never understand / We push away the unimaginable."

Grab the tissues and listen below:

(H/T: ET Online)

Cover image via Instagram


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