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This 'America's Got Talent' Singer Was So Good, He Made Seal Jealous

"You hit notes that I could only dream of."

This week marked another round of judge cuts on America's Got Talent, and one act stood out enough to earn the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Seal — singer Johnny Manuel.

According to Billboard, Manuel signed to a label as a teenager and even toured with NSYNC. "As a kid, I thought that I was gonna take off into the stars, and obviously it didn't happen that way," Manuel said in his original audition. But as we've seen before (with Billy Gilman on The Voice, for example), it's totally possible for former child stars to make a comeback.

When Simon Cowell asked Manuel which artist he would like to emulate in his career, he answered Stevie Wonder, and proceeded to deliver a powerhouse rendition of Wonder's song "Lately." Although it earned a standing ovation from judge Mel B, Cowell wasn't as impressed with the song choice, instead asking Manuel to sing 30 seconds of his audition song, Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing."

That was enough for Cowell to call him "one of the best singers in this competition."

Seal also had plenty of positive things to say to Manuel. In fact, it sounds like he might have even been a little jealous. "Johnny, you have such an incredible voice. It is undeniable," he said. "You hit notes that I could only dream of."

He was so impressed, he hit the Golden Buzzer to send Manuel into the live shows. We can't wait to hear more.

Watch Johnny Manuel's full performance below:

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