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John Mayer Covered Drake's 'Passionfruit' In Concert, And We Cannot Keep Our Cool

Welp, that was great.

At a show in Amsterdam Wednesday night, music worlds collided when John Mayer sang a cover of Drake's "Passionfruit" — and we're still not over it.

Mayer's acoustic cover of the hit certainly won fans over: "John Mayer is covering Passionfruit by Drake, my heart can't take this," one Twitter user posted. 

Moreover, concertgoers attached video footage of the cover, which shows Mayer strumming along to lyrics, like "Leavin' /
You're just doin' that to get even," and "Don't pick up the pieces, just leave it for now / They keep fallin' apart." 


Complex points out that Mayer found inspiration from artists such as Drake and Rihanna when releasing his latest album, The Search For Everything. 

"The price of admission is four songs," he tells The Rolling Stone. "If you don't like these, don't get the next four. But if I've engendered some kind of trust that you think I'm onto something, get the next four, and come along with me on every single wave."

Check out the full performance and more reactions to Mayer's cover below:

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