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Watch Rock God Harry Styles Fly Through The Air And Run On Water In His First Solo Music Video

"Sign of the Times" is here.

With his first-ever solo album coming out on Friday, May 12, Harry Styles is kicking things into high gear. The former One Direction singer has debuted the music video for "Sign of the Times" and, boy, is it sending the internet into overdrive.

When the 23-year-old isn't serving up smoldering looks in close-ups in the nearly six-minute clip, he's flying through the air. Yes, around the 1:20 mark, Styles takes off — at the exact moment the song, which had been building up until then, hits a climax.


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From then on we see Styles both on the ground and airborne, taking in the gorgeous background of tree-filled woods, high-rising waterfalls, and so much more. The music video was filmed on Scotland's Isle of Skye, and it's very picturesque.

At one point in the clip — and this is the moment everyone will be and is talking about — we actually see Styles suspended over the water and he begins to run on water. Yes, you heard us correctly.

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The stunt pilot responsible for flying Styles around, a man named Will Banks, said the pop star flew more than 1,550 feet high during filming, according to Billboard. The site points out that's higher than the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. On top of that, Banks says there was no green screen or CGI effects used at all. Translation: Styles did all his own stunts.

We can't wait to see music videos for Styles' other singles — both "Ever Since New York" which we first heard on April 15's Saturday Night Live, and "Sweet Creature," which debuted out of the blue on May 2. It'll take a lot to top this one, that's for sure.

Check out "Sign of the Times" in all its glory here:

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