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Hanson Puts Us In The Holiday Spirit With A Rockin' Performance Of 'Finally It's Christmas'

Our new Christmas anthem.

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The Hanson boys are all grown up and, luckily for us, still making music. The trio of brothers — Isaac, Taylor, and Zac — have a new holiday-themed album named Finally It's Christmas and cheerfully performed the titular song on The Late Late Show last night.

On a stage decorated with a Christmas tree and multicolored Christmas lights, the group played their upbeat song — which is sure to become a holiday anthem. It's been 20 years since Hanson released their iconic album Middle of Nowhere in 1997 (with their first Christmas album, Snowed In, being released the same year) and, despite some time out of the spotlight, they're back. With Isaac on the guitar, Taylor on the piano, and Zac on the drums, the brothers rocked out and got us even more excited for the holidays — if that's even possible.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor said that Snowed In was one of the boy band's favorite albums to make and they had been debating a follow-up Christmas album for a long time — but that the stars had to align for it to happen. "This is the kind of thing that you don't just do on autopilot," he said. "It has to be special."

Watch Hanson perform "Finally It’s Christmas" on "The Late Late Show" here:

If you're feeling extra nostalgic, though, you can always listen to "MMMBop" for the millionth time. Or, if we may suggest, watch all your favorite Star Wars characters sing it thanks to a hilarious video from Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show.

Watch "Star Wars" characters sing "MMMBop" here:

You didn't ask for it, but aren't you glad it exists?

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