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Grace Vanderwaal's New Song 'Clearly' Is One Of The Most Uplifting Things We've Heard

There's no describing how awesome this is.

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Well, Grace VanderWaal has done it again.

On March 30, VanderWaal released a music video for her new single, "Clearly," that, quite frankly, blew us away. The song and the video are inspiring and emotional, powerful, and quintessentially VanderWaal. 

The video begins with VanderWaal in a bedroom, drawing on contour to her face and looking in the mirror. She sings: "There's a world outside my door / I don't know it anymore / I'm gonna stay here now / I'm gonna stay here now / Close the curtains, cut the lights / A bunch of darkness in my mind / It's gonna take me down." 

But then, in a triumphant fashion, VanderWaal has an epiphany, wiping away her makeup and tears and changing her mindset. Light and air from the outside world flood in, and she sings the song's chorus: "I can see clearly now / The rain has gone / I accept all the things that I cannot change / Gone are the dark clouds / The dawn has come / And it's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day." 

With that, VanderWaal heads outside into nature as a choir dressed in white sings from the windows of her once-dark home. At the end, VanderWaal is smiling — and so are we.

"I don't know how many times I've listened to this song," one person comments on the video. 

"I got chills. This is a masterpiece. You are amazing Grace VanderWaal," another adds. 

The song is also a reinterpretation of Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now," with VanderWaal's lyrics rewritten. VanderWaal tells USA Today that remaking the song was not initially her idea:

"It actually wasn't my idea at all. The producer, Ido [Zmishlany] ... and a couple others, were reimagining the song and adding to it. He asked me to join in and help out a little and maybe even sing it, and I ended up really liking it," she says. 

And we really like it, too. 

You can check it all out in the video below and catch VanderWaal on tour this summer with Imagine Dragons.

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