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The Filharmonic And Beat Boxer 80Fitz Perform Acapella Cover Of Jason Derulo's 'Swalla'

So funky.

If you're like us, you've been following The Filharmonic since their debut on NBC's Sing-Off in 2014, and their cameo in Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015. Beat boxer and musician Andrew Fitzpatrick (aka 80Fitz) stopped by The Filharmonic's studio to have a little fun and make some noise — to the tune of Jason Derulo's "Swalla."


The Filharmonic — composed of Jules Cruz, Trace Gaynor, VJ Rosales, Barry Fortgang, Joe Caigoy, and Niko "Dignified Noisemaker" Del Rey — made a brief cameo in Pitch Perfect 2 as Team Philippines in the world championships segment of the movie, proving that harmonizing is the methodical art of being in perfect pitch. It takes a mathematical mind to comprehend the timing, pace, and critical thinking about the different ranges and how to utilize them cohesively in creating a masterpiece. To have that kind of versatility in range, you need to hit as many keys as possible, and this group of six does just that.

Did you know that our man 80Fitz first gained notoriety on the social media platform Vine (with more than 770,000 followers)? Did you also know that he had a role in Pitch Perfect 2 as well? He played the beat boxer for the German acapella group Das Sound Machine in the movie. Ja!

For more on The Filharmonic and what they're up to, visit their website and check out their acapella cover of Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" featuring Chrissie Fit, which is available on their YouTube channel. This musical group never disappoints, and you just never know which artist's song they'll a-ca-cover next, so hit subscribe — we did!

Make sure you watch past the end of their performance for a little beat box lingo a la 80Fitz and Niko Del Rey:

(H/T: Asian Journal | Bustle)

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