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This Guy Just Gave ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' An Updated Twist, And We're Obsessed

Putting this on repeat as we speak.

In 1976, ABBA released "Dancing Queen," and ever since, the catchy tune has remained one of our favorite groovy numbers. 

But recently, singer Daecolm — who's been singing and performing since he was about 15 years old — put a modern spin on the classic hit with an impressive cover that's now garnered millions of views on Facebook and 95,000 on YouTube. Daecolm suggests that this could be what "Dancing Queen" would've sounded like had it been released in 2017.

"I feel music from this era inspires me as a whole," Daecolm tells A Plus in an email, adding that music from the '60s through the '80s will always feel timeless. "What was cool about this ABBA remix is the fact you might look at me on a personal appearance, and never think I liked this song and would be interested in a remake of it. I genuinely enjoy the process of recreating songs that no one would expect me to do." 

To create the song's music video, Daecolm documented his entire creative process on camera, noting that he didn't know what to expect when he started. Instead, he followed his gut, and let his creativity take control. 

"The key thing here is no thinking! Just doing," he says. 


At the end of the video, Daecolm says that its important to him to connect with his fans and hear their personal opinions. When asked why this is a priority, he says:

"The people that will listen and buy and share your music will end up being some of the most important people in your life and your career — and to not pay attention and show them just as much love would be crazy! I want to hear all the good and the bad." 

And so far, so good. 

"As a little girl growing up I loved singing to ABBA from around 6 years of age, this cover is amazing," one person comments on Daecolm's Instagram page. "[I] had it on repeat, my youngest daughter's face lights up and she dances to this amazing cover. Thank you."

You can check it all out in full above.

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