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Chelsea Gill Premieres Music Video For ‘Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful’ Exclusively On A Plus

Send this video to your mom on Mother's Day.

Just in time for Mother's Day, country singer Chelsea Gill is here with a new music video that will make you want to hug your mom. With "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful," we follow a mother-daughter duo throughout their day together, and are reminded that, while we can look up to others and want to be like them, we're beautiful because of — not despite — our differences.

"I wrote [this song] to reach out to girls struggling to discover and accept who they are. I started realizing how early young people, and specifically young women, start hearing messages from the world about who they should be," Gill told A Plus exclusively. "In order to counteract that, I believe we must be aggressive in emphasizing how uniqueness and diversity make the world go round. I wanted this video to show young people how important it is to embrace what makes you you. Our world needs all different types of people in order to function."

In the three-minute clip, the little girl and the mom share life's little moments together with Gill's upbeat song driving home the message. Then, at the end, we're reminded to be original, fearless, bold, creative, unique, love, eccentric, free, authentic, wise, kind, secure, funny, smart, wild, genuine, quirky, healthy, fierce, playful, weird, bright, active, happy, gentle, real, strong, brave, innovative, and tough. But, more important than all of those combined, be you.


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Gill, it seems, has taken this message to heart and knows that, despite what anyone else might think about you or what society might dictate as being the best thing for you, she is at peace with herself because she is being her best self — and that's what everyone should try to do.

"Of course we all have things we want to change about ourselves, but in general I do feel more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have. I'm not a size 0. Heck, I'm not a size 2 either," she told A Plus. "I'm in my late 20s and still fight breakouts. I have cellulite. I have wrinkles. And some days I feel gross in any outfit I put on. But I know that none of those little imperfections change my identity or worth. I feel strong, I feel confident, and I'm proud of who I am."

As for who helped her become this way, Gill can thank her own mother for that. For teaching her that she can and should do anything she sets her mind to even it could result in stumbling. If we don't go for what we want, we'll likely regret not even trying.

"As a child, my mom always pushed my brothers and I to explore and experience new things. If I wanted to figure skate, she got me into lessons — even if I was horrible. If I wanted to learn the trumpet, she bought me a trumpet and got me to practice," Gill explained. "My mom never wanted us to miss out because we were too afraid to try something. I admire that she taught me that anything worth pursuing comes with the risk of falling on my face, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't go after it anyway."

Check out the exclusive premiere of Gill's music video for "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" here:

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