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It Might Be A Duet, But Only One Person Sings This Transgender Singer’s Emotional Song

A touching tribute.

Charlie Peck, a transgender singer, hoped to encourage and inspire the transgender community. To do so, he crafted a duet with himself — featuring the higher vocal register he had on his first day on testosterone treatment, and the lower vocal register he developed nearly a year later. 

To Peck's surprise, the distinctive duet of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' moving tune, "Home," has even impacted those outside the transgender community. As he sees it, this is because a large part of one's overall identity is presented through voice. "In contact with other humans, the filter through which everything you say is perceived as your voice," Peck explains to the Huffington Post

Together with musician pal André Åhl Persson, Peck hit the recording studio and got to work, relieved to realize he still had a melodic (though obviously deeper) singing voice after starting hormone replacement therapy.


"There are many ways to transition and to find yourself," Peck says. "This was my way. I am not telling every trans individual's story, but I am giving them mine."

At the start of the song, the vocals alternate between Peck's pre- and post-transition voices, but both voices come together to duet on the chorus and jointly finish the track. As a way of empowering the transgender community, Peck reserves the conversational portion of the song for a moving dialogue between his pre- and post-transition selves, and even uses his previous name. 

"The lyrics of the song, with some modifications made by me, say so much. You are not alone, things can get better and put yourself before everybody else's expectations on how you should live your life," Peck adds. "Now that I have the energy to give something back to the trans community ― this is my heart medicine for those in need."

Listen to his rendition of “Home” below:

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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