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Bruno Mars And Cardi B Go Back To The '90s In Their Colorful 'Finesse' Video

Mars pays homage to one of his favorite shows.

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Bruno Mars gave us the ultimate Throwback Thursday as the clock struck midnight last night, releasing a new remix of the song "Finesse" — from his 2016 album 24K Magic — featuring "Bodak Yellow" rapper Cardi B. The pair also appear in a new music video for the track. 


From the song's sound to the video's style, this new collaboration takes us straight back to the '90s. Mars teased on Twitter that the video is "dedicated to one [of] my favorite TV shows of all time." Some users speculated it could be The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but the more likely answer, Mashable points out, is In Living Color — the sketch comedy show that introduced such stars as the Wayans brothers, Jim Carrey, and Jennifer Lopez.

In fact, once you compare the new clip to the classic show's opening, you'll notice the similarities — from Mars and Cardi B's fun with paint, to the dance number on a pretty impressive recreation of the stage where the show's iconic Fly Girls performed.

Whether you've watched In Living Color or not, anyone who gets nostalgic for the '90s will appreciate the video's colorful clothing and choreographed dance routines. We wouldn't complain about even more throwback tributes in the year to come.

Check out the full music video below:

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